Tired of the daily grind, working for the Man?  
Looking for an alternative to a lifetime of
stress and overwork?  
Work Less, Live More:
The Way to Semi-Retirement
is your roadmap
to the exit.  Written by early semi-retiree Bob
Clyatt, the book gives encouragement and
step-by-step knowledge for securely moving
beyond full-time work,  whatever your age.

The book shows readers how to achieve this
winning combination of work and life through:
- Sensible spending and saving
- A rational investing method based on Nobel
Prize-winning research which has weathered
the 2008 downturn while keeping retirees in
good financial condition and preserving the
value of savings.
- A safe, lifelong withdrawal method for living
off your savings
- Resources and guidance for living outside the
culture of consumption and overwork
Plus:  Learn how to create the perfect
part-time work opportunities to fulfill personal
and financial goals.

If you are ready to start making plans for a
more fulfilling life, or are already semi-retired,
you'll find valuable advice here based on the
experience of hundreds who have already made
the leap.

For those ready to roll up their sleeves and
really begin planning in earnest, the new
Less Live More Workbook: Get Ready For
will give you the
spreadsheets and tools to customize plans to
your own unique situation.   Plus you'll get
plenty of worksheets and exercises to help you
figure out what you'll do to fill all the years
you've freed up once you leave full-time career

Bob's entrepreneurial years allowed him to
became financially independent in 2001 at age
42 and he has been living as a semi-retiree ever
since.  Since retiring, he has realized his lifelong
dream to write and
create art.  He lives with his
wife and two sons in Westchester County, New
Bob-Clyatt Work-Less-Live-More American-Yacht-Club
JoAnn Cancro Photography
A book in the web age should be the
beginning of a conversation.  Feel
free to contact Bob with any
questions you have about early or
See Bob's Sculpture website --
something he never knew he
could do until he early retired!
Sandwich Portfolio (8 funds +  Money Market)

2007  7.58%
2008 -20.34%
2009 23.10%
2010 13.36%
2011   0.72%

This is the simple version of the Rational
Investing Portfolio used throughout the Work
Less Live More long term retiree planning in the
books.  It consists of the following 8 low-fee
and readily available funds plus a  Money mkt

20% VFINX  S&P500
8%  VTMSX Tax Managed Small
6%  VGTSX  Total International Equity
10% VINEX  International Explorer (small)
6% VEIEX  Emerging Markets
30% VBIIX Intermediate Bond Index
11% BEGBX  International Bond
5%  VGSIX  REIT Index
4%  Money Market Fund

These allocations have not changed since the
book was published, though for the full Rational
Investment Portfolio which the author
continues to follow personally, he is making
tweaks within  the asset classes to choose
investments with somewhat shorter
duration/maturity and better credit quality,
including a bias toward debt in the currencies
of countries that run balanced budgets or
surplusses vs. those that run large deficits.

Click here for a discussion of this portfolio and
its performance on the early-retirement.org
forums, including some estimates of portfolio
performance for the full Rational Investment
Portfolio during recent years.
Work Less, Live More: by Bob Clyatt
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If you are especially keen to dig into the
numbers behind your early or semi-retirement,
you will benefit from the Companion Workbook
to Work Less Live More, subtitled
Get Ready
for Semi-Retirement.  
Both are available from
Amazon via the links on the left, or from your
local bookseller.  

The workbook contains a CD ROM with
spreadsheets for customized planning of all
facets of your semi-retirement finances, as well
as numerous exercises and worksheets for
planning a fulfilling 2nd half of life.