Work Less, Live More by Bob Clyatt

Here are some online resources for connecting
to other early and semi-retirees, long term
investors and kindred spirits on the path to
financial independence.
Billy & Akaisha Kaderli -- financially independent at 38
and traveling the world.
They have developed a great
for early retirees, and are profiled in the book.

Will your savings support the lifestyle you want in early
retirement?  Let
FIRECalc help you decide.

Tom Orecchio helped prepare the financial analysis and
the recommended portfolios in the book, and can help
you invest in
DFA Funds if you feel you need them.

Keith Marbach, researcher for Trinity and other long
term withdrawal studies,
helped me run long term safe
withdrawal rate studies for Chapter 4 of the book, and
helped model the 95% Rule first presented there.
Connect 24/7 with the
early retirement
community at

Access DFA Funds through a
fair-cost advisor at
Evanson Asset
Links and Resources for Early